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Mary Saotome

Mary Saotome



Mary is a girl of average height with long blonde hair styled into two ponytails that are tied with black ribbons and dark yellow eyes. She wears the standard Hyakkaou Private Academy issued school uniform. A red blazer with black trim around the cuffs and collar and gold buttons. Beneath the red blazer, she wears a white button-up shirt and black tie. She wears a gray pleated skirt, black colored stockings and regular brown loafers with black soles.


At first, Mary is shown to be incredibly sadistic and twisted such as how she treats Ryota Suzui, her classmate after he turned into a “housepet”, due to his low social status within the academy and is shown cruelly taunting her fellow opponents during their gambling matches. She's also shown to be extremely egotistical both in and out of matches, often being confident in her victory. Mary also possesses a habit of mocking her opponents and laughing at them, especially when match seems to be her win.

After losing to Yumeko Jabami and experiencing the life of being a housepet, Mary became desperate to regain her status within the academy, having no other goal in her mind. Soon after being humiliated Mary eventually lose her pride, having a mental breakdown during the match against Yuriko and falling into the state of grief and shame. After regaining her status, she seems to no longer be this arrogant and cruel, sometimes being only nettled by Ryota's cowardice or Yumeko's reckless behavior. But she does care for her new friends now. She is still as cunning and intelligent during matches though. She now also hates the council even more and wants to make them pay for not treating housepets as human.

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